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Mike Westfall, Ralph Nader, Jim Musselman, Michael Moore, Detroit MI.

Mike Westfall Chairman of Caucus in power U.A.W. Local 598 largest truck plant in the world.

Westfall Conducting Press Conference with Michael Moore as one of the guest speakers.

Mike Westfall, Michael Moore, and Jim Musselman

speaking at GM Tax protest meeting at University of Michigan "1985"

Mike Westfall, Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, Detroit Press Club

Dale Bonasse on left, Michael Moore and cameraman meandering around

Westfall anti-concession rally "1987"

Speaking in Lansing

Gary Horn-C.E.R.P. Chairman U.A.W. Local 659

Earl Henry President U.A.W. Local 598

Mike Westfall-national C.E.R.P Chairman

Dave Lustig Vice Chairman C.E.R.P Committee

Wayne Gillett-National C.E.R.P. Committee


Bernie Lowthian Original C.E.R.P. member

-Editor of Westfall Papers-At a Conference


First Group- "1976"

U.A.W. 25 & out

Seated Left to Right

-Jim Gillett- treasure

-Bernie Lowthian- Editor

-Dave Lustig- Vice Chairman

-Mike Westfall- Chairman

Standing Left to Right

-Wayne Gillett

-John Long

-Bill Gillett

-Russ Williams

-Ron Castleman

Mike Westfall at podium

-Westfall Papers

Victor Reuther seated

-One of Founding fathers of U.A.W.


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